LarixFURN products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We design so that you can mix and match them all.
Lazy chair

Lazy chair


Lazy chair is comfortable, beautiful and 100% natural- made of Siberian larch and jute ropes. In addition it has a clever design, what makes is easy to use and fold for storage. As it is made of Siberian larch it is suitable for outdoor, it is weatherproof and almost maintaince free.

Baby chair

Baby chair


Baby chair is designed especially for children. Smaller version of Lazy chair, made for children. The functions and materials used are the same as for Lazy chair. Best combined with Nautix S and Lazy pillow.

Lazy pillow

Lazy pillow


A linen pillow for additional comfort can be included to the Lazy chair set. It has a nice natural look and humble color to suite with all exteriors and interiors. It has a clever and easy-care design which combines nicely with our other products.



Side table/ footrest/ bench

X-table has a great design which makes it multi-use and easy to fold for storage. You can use it as a side table, footrest or a bench. It is made of Siberian larch therefore it is suitable for outdoor use and almost maintaince free. It is best combined with Lazy chair.

Nautix series

Nautix series


Nautix is our coffee tables series which comes in three different sizes: S, M and L. Sizes S and M are square and L is rectangle shape. It is made of Siberian larch and it has nice jute rope details. The sides of the table are foldable. The product is mounted and almost maintenance free.

Florix series

Florix series

Flower boxes

Florix is our outdoor flower box serier which comes in three different sizes: S, M and L. Sizes S and M are square and L is rectangle shape. Florix is made of Siberian larch and it has nice jute rope details. Florix has a clever design as it is mounted and folds up for storage with one sweep.

Siberian larch

Our main component is Siberian larch. Why we use it?

Because products made from Siberian larch are a package combining both design and style, as well as strength, durability and high quality. Due to its density, high tar and resin content, Siberian larch is very durable outdoors, even without additional treatment. It is a strong and dense timber. Siberian larch is one of the trees with the best weatherproof qualities.

Products features

Smart design and high quality materials make our products easy to use and store, durable and suitable for outdoor use.


We use mainly organic materials such as wood, jude ropes (made of plants) and 100% linen fabric. Our main component is Siberian larch which is very durable outdoors therefore no additional chemical treatments or impregnation are used in our production process.


Our products are well-designed which makes them practical- easy to use, store and clean. Furniture made of Siberian larch is almost maintenance free. Pillow covers are linen, removable and machine washable.


We select our materials very carefully. We use high-quality Siberian larch because this wood has a high density which makes it particularly durable and long lasting even outdoors. Natural ropes and fabrics also have high wear resistance.


You can greate your own combinations. All our products are designed to be combinable according to your own needs. We use the same materials, same larch cross section dimensions and rope details.


All our products are foldable. You can easily fold them together, so it takes less space when your not using them.

Ready to use

We know how valuable your time is. Therefore all our products are assembled. No need to read complicated assemble instructions or watch tutorial videos.

We care for the nature, therefore we use natural components and no chemical treatments or impregnations.

Our story and team

In LarixFURN we value time and life itself. That is why we never rush - we think before we take action. We belive that life itself has all the answers therefore:
we seek for materials which are natural and long-lasting at the same time;
we design products which are modern but timeless.
LarixFURN moto is to do it smart and use it smart. This guides us in production aswell as in designing process.
Kaimo Laanemaa

Kaimo Laanemaa


I am responsible for the wholesales. Feel free to ask me for wholesales prices and transportation.

Ove Tamme

Ove Tamme

CEO and production

I am the founder and CEO of the company. I am also the head of the production.


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