Baby chair is a smaller version of Lazy chair, made for children.  It is well designed product which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is 100% natural– as it is made of Siberian larch and organic jute ropes (made of jute plants). As the Siberian larch is very durable outdoors, no additional chemical treatments or impregnation are used in production process. So it is safe and chemical free.

To get the maximum comfort of the Baby chair combine it with Lazy pillow and Nautix S for a side table. Lazy pillow can be easily tied to the chair. No need to worrie if you child spills something over the pillow. The cover is removable and washable.

NB! The product is assamled and ready to use. No need to read complicated manuals. Just tighten the ropes if needed.

NB! This product is made to use for children only. It is recommended to use for children starting from heights 120 cm.

Please note that wood changes it´s color in time because of the explosure of sunlight. Siberian larch natural color usually changes lighter and greyish.

Read about the care instructions from this link: