Nautix is our coffee tables series which comes in three different sizes: S, M and L. Sizes S and M are square and L is rectangle shape. Nautix is made of Siberian larch and it has nice jute rope details. The sides of the table are fixed with steel rods. Nautix has a clever design as its sides fold up for storage.

NB! The product is assambled. No need to read complicated manuals. You only need to place the plate.

Assambled size:

Nautix square shape (size S) 40x40x22,5(h) cm
Nautix square shape (size M) 56x56x27,5(h) cm
Nautix rectangle shape (size L) 56x92x27,5(h) cm

Please note that wood changes it´s color in time because of the explosure of sunlight. Siberian larch natural color usually changes lighter and greyish.

Read about the care instructions from this link: