Lazy chair


Well-designed, comfortable and durable outdoor chair made of Siberian larch.

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Lazy chair is well designed product which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is 100% natural– as it is made of Siberian larch and organic jute ropes (made of jute plants). As the Siberian larch is very durable outdoors, no additional chemical treatments or impregnation are used in production process. Lazy chair has a smart design which makes it easy to use and fold up for storage. It has two sitting positions: reclining and upright position.

To get the maximum comfort of the Lazy chair combine it with X-table and Lazy pillow. The X-table can be used as a footrest in front of the chair, as a side table next to the chair or as a bench. Lazy pillow can be easily tied to the chair.

The product is assamled and ready to use. No need to read complicated manuals. Just tighten the ropes if needed.

Product assambled size (dimensions varies depending on the sitting position):
Seat depth: 30-40 cm
Seat width: 55 cm
Seat height: 90-94 cm
Seat height from the ground: 20-35 cm
Chair width: 63 cm
Chair depth: up to 95 cm
Chair height: 100-110 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 135 × 61 × 10 cm